July 15, 2019: BusinessBANKER has partnered with TopLine Revenue to grow sales in the USA

St.Louis, Mo

TopLine Revenue Solutions, a sales outsourcing, leadership and advisory firm and BusinessBANKER a game-changing Loan Origination software, are pleased to announce they partnered to grow sales in the USA.

BusinessBANKER is the all-in-one platform that helps lenders process commercial loans from initiation to closing. It is unique in the marketplace because the platform has been designed using a scientific cognitive intelligence approach which removes the inefficiencies and frictions from the loan origination process.

“Our current customers see growth in sales of 30%, a decrease in costs of 40% and 2.5 times more loans being processed with the same staff. Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore for Lenders. BusinessBANKER is designed for Lenders who want to win more clients and seriously reduce costs. Customers, Employees, Execs and Chairman actually love BusinessBANKER” said Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

About TopLine Revenue Solutions

TopLine Revenue Solutions is a team of highly skilled enterprise business to business sales professionals specializing in technology. As experts in sales outsourcing and augmentation, interim sales leadership and sales advisory services, TopLine Revenue Solutions help organizations enter new markets, create long-term loyal customers and build multi-year recurring revenue streams. The firm is headquartered in the United States with sales agents across the globe. Founded in 2019, TopLine uses current sales methodologies, leverages digital technologies and helps organizations accelerate sales and grow their revenue. 


About BusinessBANKER 

BusinessBANKER is a Fintech founded in 2018 by Cognitive Group. After over a decade of R&D in implementing loan origination systems for financial institutions worldwide, BusinessBANKER realized that the process was broken and set out to improve it. That’s why BusinessBANKER is considered the most advanced and easy to use solution for Lending because it has been designed to put the human at the center of the process. BusinessBANKER delivers flexible and innovative technology solutions to some of the most successful lenders and banks.