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Implementation is the process of executing a plan so that a concept becomes a reality. Unfortunately, there is not a magic button that you push and everything is done. Usually, the biggest challenge in the implementation is not the computers because they do what we ask them to do. It is the human factor. And BusinessBANKER has this covered with its cognitive science approach. Since our system resides on One Screen, training is a breeze. Your employees will exactly know where to find the information they are looking for and they will be able to perform the work more efficiently.

BusinessBANKER’s team partners with you to implement and ensure success in your rollout. Our process is a threestep- process that can be deployed within a couple of weeks depending on the emergency.

Our unique three-step process is tailored to ensure success. We don’t believe in talking that never ends and complexity that increases your costs. We make it simple to deploy and our success rate is 100%. Our approach is to offer you on a silver plate the best practices and ideas and to eliminate inefficiencies.

BusinessBANKER and the Bank establish the Project Team, Scope of Work and prepare/review the Project Plan.  The Integration Model will also be defined at this step.

  • No integration – use as stand-alone
  • Read-only integration from the core system
  • Read and right integration and synchronization from the core system 

We will conduct 3 sessions to better understand, analyze, and capture your unique business processes and workflow.  One session will be with risk leaders, a second session with heads of sales, and the third session with heads of operations.   After carefully evaluating your business process, we do all the heavy lifting.

The system is so well designed, that the time required to understand it is less than 30 minutes.   Our cognitive approach makes it so intuitive that a 5-year-old could start using it!  On-site and online training, as well as user testing, are available.   At the end of this training, we load the real data and “go live” with a full roll-out of BusinessBANKER to all users.


We understand banks and business leaders. Our integration is the simplest, fastest and most secure in the industry with our unique approach. Get a demo today and you will understand why banks are using BusinessBANKER.


However, for many banks and credit unions, the major challenge would be with integration of systems. When you go to IBM, you get an integrated IBM solution. When you go to HP, you get an integrated HP solution. When you want Dell servers and HP storage, that can become problematic… and that is where the integration becomes a challenge.

In general, an enterprise chooses a stack of products from a particular vendor and only later do they identify that the stack is either very complex to maintain or does not satisfy their needs. Choosing right set of products for your business is very important. BusinessBANKER allows integration with other systems or products either via a web service layer or using libraries. This helps enterprises avoid another monolith and designing and implementing integration solutions for their current or future products.

Your data integration with BusinessBANKER is simple. We integrates and extracts data from your financial institution’s core and other disparate systems to provide a unified and single output of information. This integration makes it more valuable for you because you can now obtain more critical info easily in one unique screen to help you take your important decisions.

Do it fast and better with BusinessBANKER.

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