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Using our collective Cognitive Intelligence knowledge, we’ve streamlined the loan origination business process and revolutionized the user experience.  The unique, single-page user interface is designed to deliver an ease-of-use interface,  powered by state-of-the-art technology.

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  • July 15, 2019: BusinessBANKER has partnered with TopLine Revenue to grow sales in the USA. More info.


We design a solution that puts humans at the Center. That’s why BusinessBANKER is considered the most advanced and easy to use solution for Lending.   We deliver flexible and innovative technology solutions to some of the most successful lenders and banks.


BusinessBANKER is a fintech, founded in 2018 by Cognitive Group Inc, whose goal is to fix the broken Loan Origination business process using a cognitive intelligence approach.  With money provided from some large venture capital firms, we have been able to deliver to the banking industry  the most powerful, easy to use Loan Origination platform that can drive costs out of the process and pull revenue into a bank or credit union.

The roots of BusinessBANKER formed many years ago when we started a consulting practice focused on improving the business processes of financial lenders.  At first, our efforts were concentrated on assisting in the development of user interfaces for existing lending applications. From there we began to do multiple process designs to help make the process more efficient for both the lending institution and the client.  We have designed hundreds of banking systems across the world. As we kept working on various lending applications and processes, we realized lending should not be this difficult for either the banking client or the account managers that serve them.

Over time, and after many loan origination design engagements, we realized that the process was broken and a completely new approach was needed.

Thus BusinessBANKER was conceived and developed as a core lending application designed for any size bank or credit union.   BusinessBANKER has grown as we have added modules called Reseau for working capital, and iFollow for all the backend administration and compliance.   We have completed a full implementation of BusinessBANKER at the BNDE of Senegal, and are in the process of implementing Reseau, the client-facing solution for working capital in Senegal and the Caribbean.

To date, five financial institutions have implemented BusinessBANKER and they could not live without it!


what we've achieved

Firms worldwide have engaged us for:

Lending Process:

  • Development of a guide for risk rating implemented with the World Bank and IFC
  • Implementation of loan origination at RBC
  • Implementation of Business Banker at BNDE
  • Development of  working capital solutions “Reseau” and implementation
  • Design of Peer-to-Peer lending solutions

Digital channels, Online banking 

  • Launch of the online trading platform at Desjardins
  • Design of online banking of RBC, National Bank, Desjardins, and TD Insurance
  • Ease of implementation
  • Redesign of the portfolio management system used by Scotia Bank, Desjardins, and Optima
"What is great is that they bring a can-do attitude to the work. They always come up with ideas on how to improve the process/interface.”
Arvind Sharma
CIO ManulifeBank