cost savings, efficiency gains and a reduction in loan processing time of up to 90%

Our SaaS Loan Origination platform provides you with an intuitively designed front end with automated digital workflows, real-time reporting and can be easily integrated with your current core banking system. We provide for all loan types, commercial or personal. It can be fully configured to meet specific and regulatory requirements. We capture and store client documentation and run the bank's custom risk and scoring models.

"BusinessBANKER achieves a level of simplification that was impossible using a human-centered design approach. We engaged them initially for their capability in simplification. Results were so impressive we decided to give them our overall business processes review.”
Craig Smith
Vice President Royal Bank

Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent loan origination solution


80% of adjudication time is related to the verification and analysis of client information. BusinessBANKER provides advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that allow the automation of many steps in the loan origination process.


Whether applying in the branch or online, clients receive personalized service and greater transparency in their loan process. Our technology is available 24/7 on any device to go faster and simpler.


Our document management system captures relevant documentation such as credit request, credit facility, and risk model to a client profile. Paper files, physical storage are eliminated. From initiation to closure, the loan origination process can be 100% digitized. Electronic documents are pre-populated, electronically signed and stored.


With BusinessBANKER, a loan application can be completed by the client online, scored, and pre-approved. Our FastTrack solution can also be used by any bank employee to increase sales. Streamlined risk models are easily adjusted to pre-approve any product or business line.


BusinessBANKER integrates with major Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle as well as loan administration systems and other core systems. Housing customer and loan information in one database allows organizations to have streamlined access to critical business intelligence (BI), management and regulatory reporting.


We enable organizations to run customizable reports and dashboards in real-time. These tools can identify new business opportunities, lead generation, marketing insight, proactive customer support and the opportunity to build long-term, profitable customer relationships. Reports and dashboards centralize data from a financial institution’s core and other siloed systems into compelling visuals to improve data presentation and usability.


BusinessBANKER helps financial institutions effectively manage internal audit, risk control, and regulatory compliance reporting. The system integrates with core accounting systems and loan administration to centralize data and provide enterprise access to the information through detailed reporting.


BusinessBANKER provides tools for analyzing, measuring and managing credit risk, at every level from client to an enterprise. The Spread, Auto Decision and Risk Rating functions enable enhanced risk management across the organization using consistent methodologies, models and data.


Our covenants monitoring trigger in real-time an alert of breach or Early Warning Signals (EWS). The monitoring and management of covenants during the approval process and throughout the life of the loan become a beneficial activity. For example, a quarterly monitoring covenant allows automating renewal and small increases. It allows you to be proactive and react before it is too late. The digital access allows clients to send, or upload their information directly.


Our risk rating methodology allows custom risk models that are unique to various loan segments and product types: retail, high net worth, commercial or small business. Loan portfolios are aggregated systematically with statistical analysis to allow comparison with the initial risk model. Adjustments can be made based on the drift from the original assumptions.


Our Collateral Management System is integrated into the loan origination process and allows assets to be associated directly with the specific loan, where they can be viewed and managed. Expiration and changes in the status of the collateral will trigger alerts within the system.


Reseau, our Factoring technology, gives access to credit based on transactions or trade finance (purchase orders, contracts, invoices). It also monitors  transactions between buyers and sellers and provides early detection of credit deterioration. Reseau monitors exposures  and portfolio management and also easily adapts to the regulatory requirements.

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