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A sloppy loan process hurts your reputation, your sales, your client experience, and your productivity. You are looking for some resources on How To Fix ‘Em and more? Rather than reading pages and pages of information,  we think you are better served with a one on one call. We will give you the best information to help you resolve your loan origination issues. 

THE ANATOMY OF commercial
loan origination revisited

Scared of the Cloud?

A cloud is indeed disturbing at first. It floats in a beautiful blue sky and it has no impression of stability, reliability and especially safety. If you want to learn more about Loan Origination in the cloud we can talk and share some best practice.

Commercial Loan Origination Steps

Are you looking to find the best practice in Loan origination steps? Our approach is local because you are local before being global. Talk to us and find out how we can help.

Compliance Management for Commercial Loans

Designed to keep banks and credit unions ahead of the Regulatory Burden. Why? because it is in the process and it is tracked at the second!

Electronic Signature with Business Loan Origination

Looking at ways to bring your loan process from a week process to a day process. The electronic signature is only one of the recipes we recommend. Talk to us to find other great solutions!

Document Management System for Banks

How do you keep track of all the documents required to initiate a loan? You know you need a solution, but not sure how to integrate it? Contact us now!

Credit Decisioning for Commercial Loans

It is not always easy to take a good decision for a commercial loan. A Credit score is a factor but not the only one when it comes the time to decide.